How may I help you?

A favorite image of our magnolia tree: Glorious for three days a year, a pain in the ass the other 362. We treasure those three.

More than 30 years as a journalist. More than 20 as an adjunct professor at Washington University.  A second career in communications.

My toolbox is ample.

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Portrait Photography

We love to get to know people: Infants, children, families, lovers, athletes. Portraits that are natural, environmental reveal more than a practiced pose. We love seeing people comfortable in their own environment or in a place made special by memory.  Check out my portrait gallery on flickr and these examples.

18019231603_83f894ebff_z    Families

14525064307_0d401f00fe_k   Engagement

14693604202_a21fda90bf_z   Children

18452171160_9d6e1bdb88_z  Environmental