You have entered the world of virtual racing … you will be assimilated

OK, it’s not really like the numerous episodes of “Star Trek,” in which The Borg try to take over The U.S.S. Enterprise, nearly succeed but eventually succumb to the individuality and creativity of the plucky crew.

Instead, virtual racing is a viable option for runners who believe in a cause. A case in point is Four Legged Running. Since starting with a single race for a local animal shelter two years ago,  founder Angela Tedemann (shown in the photo) has expanded to eight partner shelters, some as far away as Nashville and New York.

Virtual racing is a cool way to build you stash of race bling, and you stay in control. You put in the miles, you log the miles, you get a medal.  You run when you want, where you want and avoid the crowd, if you want.

Terrain offered me the chance to explore this growing trend. You can read more here.

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